Our Foster Program


If you have ever considered helping an animal in need, and want to open your heart and home, then fostering is for you! Fostering is the perfect way to help an animal in need without long-term commitment and the stress of medical bills. Once you’ve become a foster parent, 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue will provide everything that your foster dog needs and will cover all medical expenses while they are in foster care. Though you are not making a lifelong commitment, we do ask that you commit to fostering your dog until they find their forever home so that they are not moving from home to home. This could be anywhere to a few weeks to a few months.

You will not be in this alone! We provide a tremendous amount of support and are always available, day or night, to discuss any concerns or issues that you may be having with your foster dog. We have our own personal trainer/behaviorist on board ready to help you if there are any behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Remember, everything that you do for them helps prepare them for their forever home, how amazing is that?

Perhaps you find that you’ve fallen in love with the dog you’re fostering and want them to be a part of your family forever. The loving action of adopting one’s own foster dog is a common occurrence that is affectionately referred to as a “Foster Failure” within the rescue community. We are always happy for our foster families and our dogs when this happens. We always hope that our foster families will continue to foster dogs with us so that we can save more lives.

If you’re a resident of Los Angeles County and are ready to begin the rewarding experience of fostering a dog, please click here and fill out an online foster application. You also have the option to download an application and email it to us at Also, you can always follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with especially urgent fostering needs. For any additional questions about fostering, contact us at