About Us

The 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue Team

We started 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue in 2018 after decades of working in several different aspects of Animal Rescue as transporters, caretakers, volunteers and whatever other ways we found to contribute to the needs of animals as we saw them.

Among the primary purposes of 4 Paws Kiddo Rescue is to help dogs in need of socialization and medical care get assistance and care, and then help them to find healthy permanent homes. Secondarily it’s to find dogs in need of homes and match them up with people looking for specific types of dogs. While our main focus is on small to medium sized dogs, we’ve also been able to place large dogs with appropriate new owners as well. At times we’ve even been able to find homes for cats.

A lot of our energy is focused on injured and at-risk dogs who need some extra physical or psychological care. We regularly take in dogs with severe physical injuries, lingering illnesses and age related diseases. We also spend a lot of time helping dogs with socialization issues learn how to trust people, other dogs and unfamiliar living situations.

The work can be taxing and financially difficult, and it requires an extensive amount of time and occasionally staggering amounts of money, so all of our time is volunteered and a great deal of fund raising is always a high priority need. Nonetheless we believe that all the work, time and money is exceedingly rewarding as we’ve managed to place large numbers of animals into good homes and saved many many dogs that were otherwise faced with sad and unhappy endings.

While the goal of the Rescue is to place all the animals into good homes, if a dog we rescue can’t find a placement, they’re never given up for lost. We host a large number of animals in our homes and will do so for the rest of the animals’ lives if necessary. For it’s not only a moral imperative, but a great source of joy.